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Cast Metal Components
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Metal components are designed by mechanical engineers of original equipment to perform certain functions. Using their experience, they may consider casting to be the right process for the shape they have given to the metallic component. Usually, they carry out stress analysis on the casting and determine the various dimensions of the part. In a few cases, the company that designs the casting will also have a casting facility.

However, in most cases, the company that designs the casting obtains the cast part from its vendor foundries. The task of the foundry is to ‘design’ the casting again and supply it while meeting the design specifications. For these foundries, “casting design” means the design of the gating and risering systems and heat treatment procedures to produce the casting with the properties as intended by the designer.

The designer does not have any specific preference for any particular process to select as the manufacturing process for the metallic component that he or she designs. Metalcasting processes should compete with other manufacturing processes, such as machining from wrought materials or forging. It is possible that sometimes the designers may not have adequate experience in the progress that is made in the casting process technologies. A close interaction between casting designers and foundry managers will result in a cast product that is manufacturable by the casting process. A slight alteration of the design to suit manufacturability by the casting process with suggestions from foundries will help the casting designers and also the foundries to meet the specifications from the designers of the cast parts.

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