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Clutch Pressure Plate Structure
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The friction plate on the clutch pressure plate, like the brake pad on the wheel, is made of asbestos and copper wire that is very wear-resistant. The friction plate of the pressure plate also has the lowest allowable thickness. After a long mileage, the pressure plate Friction plates should also be replaced. The replacement of the original friction plate can be purchased to replace the spare parts themselves, and now are to buy the friction plate has been installed sub-assembly, do not have to replace the friction plate, and directly change the clutch pressure plate on it. In order to reduce the loss of the clutch plate, there is a correct method of using the clutch pedal. Do not half step on the clutch pedal. In this way, the clutch plate is in a semi-clutch state, which means that the Frisbee and the pressure plate are in a state of friction. If you fully depress the clutch pedal, the flywheel and clutch pressure plate are completely cut and there is no friction between them. If the clutch pedal is fully raised, the flywheel and the clutch pressure plate are fully integrated, and although there is friction, there is basically no friction. Therefore, it is impossible to step on the clutch pedal halfway.

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