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Characteristics Of Clutch Clutch Plate
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The automobile clutch driven plate is an indispensable and wearable part of a step-variable speed car.

1. The product's geometric shape is the same as the original ordinary driven plate, and the installation method is simple and convenient.

2, normal driving shift operation is easy and comfortable. There is no need to step on the clutch pedal and you can shift gears as needed. (The clutch pedal must still be used when the car is in a stepping position and when it is reversing.)

3. Extend the service life of vehicle-related components. Since the clutch pedal is not stepped on during normal driving, the clutch is in a combined state, which reduces the wear of the pressure plate and the driven plate, and at the same time reduces the operating frequency of the cable and the separation of the bearing and the like.

4, reduce fuel consumption, conducive to environmental protection. As the vehicle shifts while driving, the clutch is in the engaged state, the power transmission is uninterrupted, the reactive power loss is reduced, and the speed is fast. Under the same road conditions, the technical product will reduce fuel consumption by about 15% compared with ordinary products, and at the same time, it will also reduce emissions by approximately the same proportion.

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